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We will preserve and protect your boat, oars, trailers, or any other materials dealing with the history of these white water river boat so future generations can learn and appreciate this unique history.

One of the primary missions of the McKenzie River Drift Boat Museum is the collection, protection, and display of the boats, building accessories, and other artifacts of the early days of boats on the McKenzie River.  If you have a boat, oars, building jigs, or any other physical artifact you can donate it to us knowing that it will be kept safe for generations to come.

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All donations of objects are provided safe, secure and long-term preservation that meets the highest professional museum standards. These items are preserved for future generations to enjoy and appreciate, and become a legacy for the donor.

Because we are a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, donations of all types may be considered tax-exempt by the IRS. Determining the value of your donation may be accomplished by comparing it to similar objects of known value, such as recently auctioned material or items advertised and sold for a specific price. For higher valued items ($2,000+) it is necessary to have a certified, independent appraisal performed by a qualified appraiser. For appropriate value deductions you should consult a qualified tax accountant.

When we accept boat donations from donors, we provide the necessary information so you get the most of your donation. We realize that a charitable contribution is an extremely important decision, and we like to provide you with the tools you will need to make an educated decision about whether or not the process is for you. For most people, a charitable contribution is the perfect option. Along with the tax benefits that come with making a charitable contribution of any size, the fact is that donors get the experience of adding to the collection of the McKenzie River Drift Boat Museum. Each and every charitable contribution is appreciated by the MRDBM team. Once you’ve decided that you would like to help by donating a boat or other material, we encourage you to give us a call. We are available via phone, e-mail, and live chat to answer any questions that you may have. Get in touch with us to discuss some options for the appraisal and donation of your boat or other materials. We look forward to hearing from you.